Seven Sisters and Coastguard Cottages Viewpoint Circular Walk

Thursday, 30 April 2015  |  Admin

One of the absolute best things about Seaford is our beautiful location, to the western end of the Seven Sisters.  The Lodge is ideally situated for walking over Seaford Head, which gives amazing views across the Cuckmere valley, and east to the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head.

We decided to kick off our blogs with our 'Must Do' when you visit us in Seaford.  If you only do one thing, you should walk the circular walk described below which takes place mostly in the South Downs National Park area.

Coastguard Cottages &  Seven Sisters viewpoint walk:

As you can see, if you do the whole walk on foot, it will take approximately 90 minutes, depending on how quickly you're walking, if you've got children with you etc.

Here's a quick summary of the walk (marked in yellow)

  • Turn left out of  Chyngton Place on to Chyngton Road 
  • Continue along Chyngton road until the golf course ends.  You will see a path clearly visible running along the back of the houses at the end of the golf course.
  • Go up the path as far as it goes - it veers left, go with it and keep going upwards!  The path is clearly visible.
  • You'll come out at the top of Seaford Head, with the golf course still on your right.  *If you take the car shortcut, this is where you join the walk.
  • Keep going straight on.  There is a concrete road for you to cross and go again onto a slightly narrower path heading for the sea which should now be clearly visible.
  • At the end of the path you are right at the cliffside walk.  There are barriers but be careful with dogs, a handful each year end up chasing rabbits and fall off the cliffs.  Turn left.
  • As you walk down the steep hill, the Seven Sisters are straight ahead.  There are a couple of benches here that make relaxing viewpoints.  Enjoy!
  • Keep going to the bottom of the dip.  You are now at 'Hope Gap'.  At low tide this is a great place to venture onto the seashore for some rockpooling!
  • Continue up the other side of the hill, keeping towards the Seven Sisters.  Keeping the cliff edge to your right, you will soon reach the Iconic Coastguard Cottages.  Stop.  Take a picture or two.
  • If you wish for a longer walk, you can head down to Cuckmere valley and then turn left to reach the Cuckmere Inn, always a nice place to stop for a beer or bite to eat.
  • You can either return the way you came - or head straight back up the concrete road, past the barn at the top.  Continue to the end of the concrete road, where you'll see the golf course straight ahead.  Turn right to go back down the path the way you came.

Car Shortcut

There is a shortcut if you have limited time or small children:

  • Turn left onto Chyngton Road.  Continue to the end when it turns into a large roundabout.
  • Take the first turning off the roundabout onto 'South Way'.  Go straight to the end of South Way and take the right hand turning up the hill on the concrete road.
  • Go right to the top and park.  You can now walk right (westerly) along the concrete road until it reaches the golf course* and follow the walking instructions from there.